Why Is Shot Blasting Used On Metals Such As Chrome

One of the strongest and most aesthetically-appealing material for making alloy rims is chrome. Wheels made with this material are not only strong, but also look great. It is important to note that even chrome wheels usually get damaged, and often need repairs. The best way to restore the smooth finish and appearance of alloy wheels is shot blasting. There are many firms in every major city that offer shot blasting service. You just need to do a little bit of research to identify the best service provider for your unique needs. 

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Common Applications of Shot Blasting Service

One of the most common uses of shot blasting is cleaning metal bars, sheets, rods, forgings and cast parts. Surfaces can also be shot-blasted before being painted or coated to remove any oxides and impurities from the surface. Shot-blasting is incredibly common in the aerospace, rail, automotive, foundry, construction and shipping industries. Before a metal can be electroplated or anodized, shot-blasting can be done when prepping the material for plating, coating or anodizing among other similar types of procedures. 

Why Shot-Blasting is Done on Chrome

Prolonged sand blasting can help remove chrome from chrome wheels and other metals. However, this can only be done by professionals using specialized shot-blasting equipment. It is only prolonged shot-blasting with specialized equipment that can help remove the chromium plating. Shot-blasting is done to remove the chrome plating, so that repairs can be done. Once the metal has been repaired, another layer of chrome plating can be applied to give the wheel a fresh new look. 

Whether you want to clean a metal or smooth sharp or rough edges, you should consider shot blasting. This procedure is similar to sanding, except that it uses tiny pieces of metals instead of sand granules. These pieces of metals are propelled at high speed and directed towards the target area. Since the metal pieces are abrasive, they are bound to dislodge material from the target area. If there is any coating of paint or any other material on the surface, it will be dislodged, leaving the surface of the material smoother and spotlessly clean. This is a common procedure in painting and electroplating workshops. Foundries also use shot-blasting to smooth the edges of molded metal objects.

If you ever need shot blasting services, it is recommended you spend a little bit of time comparing the top service providers to help ensure you find the right firm for the job.